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SPECTER Music stands for well-known artists, professionalism and fast processing of any kind of request. As a global acting booking and management agency, SPECTER Music represents national and international artists worldwide. Please have a look at our artist roster.


SPECTER Music artists for your event


SPECTER Music stands for well-known artists, professionalism and fast processing of any kind of request. As a global acting agency, SPECTER Music represents national & international DJs. Please don't hesitate to contact us - anytime, 24/7.


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The event for your club

Nightlife. The final frontier.  Strange new worlds of unknown civilizations and all kinds of NIGHT//activists. Endangered species all around but redemption is near. "RUN//NIGHT (RUN DBN Club Event)" takes care of the club culture and the label is ready to take the club-scene by storm. Internationally renown artists by the likes of Niels van Gogh, POINT BLVNK, Dario Rodriguez, David Puentez, Cosmo Klein, Quentin Mosimann, Lunde Bros, Tony Romera, Joachim Garraud, Jan Leyk and last but not least  - DBN - represent this unique RUN DBN sound. It was just a matter of time to bring their music directly to the international clubs. Fasten your seatbelts, the posse's ready to boldly play what no man played before. The solution for all NIGHT//activists.


The best for your track!

Main goal of SPECTER Music's radio promotion department is to place our customers' songs on German radio station as best as possible. Therefor SPECTER Music works closely with commercial, non-commercial, terrestrial and internet-based radio stations together, talks to editors and editorial assistants and stays in contact with managing directors of some of the most important radio stations of the country. Reaching consumers and potential new fans is one of our radio promotion's key-goals. SPECTER Music guarantees the most precisely promotion to 250 national and local Radio-editors. Important decision makers are getting on board as early as possible. Our job is to get as much airplay as possible and the best amount of  (live-)interviews for your artist. The six week promotion can be amplified by phoners and a scheduled tour.


The stage for your festival

SPECTER Music is proud to present RUN//FESTIVAL, the ultimate deluxe variation of our very own club-night RUN//NIGHT. Similar to our established club-show with 2-3 acts, RUN//FESTIVAL offers you a hell of a line-up with 5+ well-known artists by the likes of DBN, Jan Leyk, POINT BLVNK, Alivø, Vol2Cat and many others out of our varied portfolio plus 2-4 high-classed walking acts, that will do the rest to fulfill sophisticated raver's desires. All expectations will be satisfied when we accessorize the stage. Well-equiped with a bunch of great stuff, we are able to create an adorable festival-scenery that your crowd will immediate fall in love with.